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DaDong Lecture

7/07 Southern ‧ Original ‧ Capable of Anything
Speaker: Yi Li (Director of the Designers Association of Taiwan, Head of the Department of Animation
and Game Design Department, Shu Te University)
The pace of life in southern Taiwan is slow and comfortable. Such a mild space is an excellent
environment for cultivating imagination: add the broadness and practicality of the South, the slow
rhythm of breathing and sunlight, is just the nutrient to brew creativity.

7/14 Modern Art and Southern Aesthetics
Speaker: Jin-Yu Jang (Assistant Professor, Kun Shan University Department of Visual Communication Design)
Southern thought and culture represents a kind of culture and recognition of the earth, grassroots
lifestyle, perception, enthusiasm, critique, and revolution. Southern aesthetics have grown from the
earth and lifestyle of the south. What kind of sparks will be struck by the performance of modern art
centered on the South?

7/21 Creative Thinking and Creating Services
Speaker: Wu Chang-yao (Professor, Graduate Institute of Cultural and Creative Design, Tung Fang
Design University)
Do you really think in your daily life? Is it the case that that you always use the same mode of thought?
Thought training can help to increase creative thinking and lifestyle thinking ability.

7/28 Lifestyle ‧ Green Building
Speaker: Chen Xu-yan (MA, National Cheng Kung University Institute of Architecture, Certified
Member of Taiwan Architecture & Building Center – green building label)
In 1999, Taiwan began to roll out a system for the recognition of “green building”, and “green building”
has gradually merged into part of daily life; what does it actually mean for a structure to be awarded
authentication as meeting “green building standards”?