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7/05 Thu. 19:30
Seeds of Love ‧ Taiwanese Artists in Love
■Performing unit: Cindy Yang Dance Academy, Performing Arts in South Taiwan Alliance
■Ticket Prices: NT$300, 400, 500 (Please check the ERA Ticket System www.ticket.com.tw)
Hongmaogang Culture Park is situated in the area of the entrance to Kaohsiung Port. The Gaozi
Tower are linked with the surrounding environmental resources which made up the original port,
with a total area of 3.42 hectares. Joining hands and working together with the Hongmaogang
Cultural Association, we’ve planned 6 main areas: the "Gaozi Tower revolving restaurant,"
"exhibition hall", "outdoor exhibition area", "sky walkway", "wharf and shipping room", and "seaviewing
platform"; using the methods of imaginative representation and creative exhibition
design, we’ve stated that the people of Hongmaogang lived here, passing on all of their 5 Great
Cultural Characteristics from generation to generation: "lagoon", "shrimp breeding", "mullet
catching and single boat trawler", "Jiaotou Temple", and "bamboo rafts with sails". The relocation of
Hongmaogang consigned the settlement to history, however, the spirit of the people will always be
remembered and passed down in the Park.

7/06 Fri. 19:30
Resound Through the Skies - China
Shandong Chinese Orchestra 2012 Concert
■Ticket Prices: NT$300, 400, 500 (Please check the ERA Ticket System www.ticket.com.tw)

7/08 Sun. 19:30
2012 Lotus and Wannian Folkore Festival
Theme “Wannian of Memories of Lotus
Pond Art”
■Performing unit: Yun Zhi Cai Folk Dance Troupe
■Ticket Prices: NT$300, 400, 500 (Please check the National theatre Concert Hall Ticket Sale System: www.artsticket.com.tw)

5/23 Wed.~9/23 Sun.
■Ticketing enquiries: KHAM Ticket (www.kham.com.tw), 7-11 ibon, FamilyMart, Hi-life
■Fans Group Recruiting: Press "Like" and Join "Watch Me Move: THE ANIMATION SHOW"
fans group, more information, great deals and gifts await!
■After you visit the exhibition, go to the fans page and check in, you can win a small gift
with your ticket stub and check in page! (Gift quantities limited). Gift collection area: the
shop inside the exhibition
■Any changes will be announced on the scene

5/23 Wed.~8/26 Sun.
Eyes on the South:
Exhibition of Contemporary Art -
Hot Thought Symptoms
■Opening Hours : Monday - Sunday 9:30-17:30 (free)
■Activity information:
‧ 7/15 (Sun.) 14:30
themed lecture: contemporary art and daily life
speaker: Hu Chao-Sheng (Independent curator / CEO, Hu’s Art Company)
‧ Saturday, Sunday guided tours: 11:00, 14:00, 16:00, we look forward to your reservation.
For an interpreter, please call: 0939774015 or 0918195539 (limited to groups of above 15
‧ July tour guide artists: 7/01 (Sun.) Zhou Wen-li, 7/14 (Sat.) Hou Shu-zi
7/15 (Sun.) Zhuang Zong-xun, Migo Team,
7/29 (Sun.) Ceng Yu-bing
(For details of the actual times, please refer to the notices at the exhibition)