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Vision and Goal

Professional, Creative, One & Only in Taiwan

The Da Dong Art Center is positioned as a multi-functional art space. It boasts multi-purpose performance halls, commercial creative art space for exhibitions and an unique art library.

New Artistic Nucleus

The Da Dong Art Center began operations in early 2012. It is an integrated nucleus that supports all artistic and cultural activities. The center is designed to respect our natural environment, half of the center is an outdoor space that maximizes the utilization of natural environment elements such as breezes, light, rain etc., to create an oriental Zen atmosphere.

The future plan for the center is to develop an artistic and cultural metropolitan network, connecting the Kaohsiung MRT, Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts and Kaohsiung Cultural Center. Da Dong Art Center - Taiwan's Cutting-edge Cultural Park of the 21st Century.

 Garnering All Feedback   Striving to Develop Da Dong

After the administrative merger of the city with the county, the management team of the Da Dong Art Center invited several well-known artistic talents to consult on the building of the art center. To enable the most efficient development of the Da Dong District, the team implemented a 360˚ feedback system, and thus successfully established the Da Dong Art Center as an artistic nucleus. It is the team's goal to realize every need of the artistic and cultural population in Taiwan.